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High-Pressure Automatic Glass Washer

High-Pressure Automatic Glass Washer

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  1. Easy one-handed operation: The high-pressure nozzle is designed to be operated with one hand. Simply apply gentle pressure on the nozzle while holding the cup or container facing downwards, and it will activate the spray.

  2. Seiko quality: The product boasts Seiko quality, which implies a high level of precision, reliability, and craftsmanship. This suggests that the product is built to be durable and perform well over time.

  3. Fashionable and versatile appearance, easy to clean, and rust-resistant: The high-pressure nozzle has a stylish and versatile design that can complement various settings. Additionally, it is easy to clean and does not rust, ensuring that it remains in good condition even with regular use.

  4. High-pressure nozzle with a five-hole nozzle: The high-pressure nozzle is equipped with a five-hole nozzle, allowing for multi-angle spraying. This enables quicker and more efficient washing. By lightly pressing the nozzle, it immediately sprays water, and upon release, it automatically shuts off.

  5. 4-point interface with a 2.2cm opening: The high-pressure nozzle has a 4-point interface, which means it can be connected to various water sources with a standard water inlet. This design provides strong versatility, making it suitable for a range of commercial and household applications, such as bar counters.


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